Sunday, August 29, 2010


A friend shares our joy
Our heart becomes as light as a toy
A true friend shares our grief
The suffering becomes very brief

Tell me your friend, I will tell what you are
A friend should be a shining star
He will give us light
And makes our lives bright

Why don’t you choose a nice friend?
Your boredom will soon end
Friendship is a beautiful flower
It is the gift of our life giver

A friend should be our life’s cream
He/she should be a part of our team
Life is just like a game
Losing it sometimes is not a shame

A friend relieves your gloom
He/she makes your life bloom
Our life is a beautiful dream
We should make it a running stream

Yours sincerely,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

English is the king of all the languages
It will stay for all ages
The English conquered the whole world
English has become our watch word
Its spelling is un- phonetic
Its grammar is idiotic
We should know its glorious history
How it became a global language is a mystery
The English are highly polite
Their manners are a real delight
Everybody should know English for their survival
It is responsible for their cultural revival
I love English for its beauty
Teaching English is my duty
English text is my holy kit
I will try my level best to teach it
The secret of my happiness is simple
The school is my temple
Let’s all teach English with a missionary zeal
The eternal bliss we will surely feel
Yours sincerely,