Saturday, September 11, 2010



Seven days ago I went to my coconut farm
And saw a fairy in her beautiful form
She was like a real dame
I followed her without any shame

I was bewitched by her teasing smile
And I set aside my reading file
I forgot my scholarship and wisdom for a while
And was fooled for her style

She led me to her unknown land
I caught her tender hand
We lay on the soft sand
I thought she was a pure miss
And longed for her hot kiss
Our love game was very grand

I thought As if I were in heaven
With her I spent days seven
The last day I had a bad dream
A demon shook my left arm

I was in hospital bed
The doctor was testing my blood
My heart trembled like a swift flood
I paid the penalty for my fraud
I became very sad
Because I got the punishment from God

The poem can be published for free as long as the name of the author is included and is given credit for publication. You may use the link, if the poem is published online.
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