Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am alone
But this universe is mine
I may not have a home
In the entire world I can roam
Most times I feel lonely
Sometimes I think the Globe is my family
I may be poor
But my heart is very pure
I may be blind
But I am very kind
I never think of my pain
But I always wish for others’ gain
I can see with my mind’s eye
My thoughts soar into the sky
I always live in imagination
And anticipate people’s emancipation
I am neither a man
Nor a woman
I am a universal human
I don’t belong to any region
Humanity is my religion
I am a huge tree
I am very free
I am a wonderful bird
And fly all over the word
I am as swift as fishes
And cross all the oceans
I am a different animal
I do not live in a kernel
Or even in a tunnel
I am a poem, a song, an art----
Who am I?
Yours lovingly

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